Back-to-School Hacks to Start the Semester Off Right


It’s August, so that means a new school year is about to start. Whether you’re dreading or excited for this new school year, we all set expectations of how we want the year to go, and they may or may not happen. Regardless, I wanted to share some back to school hacks to make your year easier and cheaper.

1. Make Your Own Planner

Having a planner keeps you organized (for those of us who still like to use pen and paper), but they can get expensive. Why not make your own? That way it will be customized (which motivates you to actually use it) and you will save money (always a great thing). I found some tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube.

2. Rent e-textbooks

Textbooks are a necessary evil- necessary to pass class, but evil with the prices. However, renting e-textbooks are usually a cheaper option because the publisher doesn’t have to pay to get them printed. I use services like Chegg and Amazon.

3. Go to Events on Campus for Free Food

At Mizzou we have Fall Welcome Week which is where we welcome all the new students to campus through free on campus events. A majority of these events have free food so if your cabinets are bare, go to one! You might also make some new friends.

4. Use Khan Academy for Free Tutoring
If your school doesn’t offer free tutoring services, no worries. Khan Academy is a website that provides helpful videos on STEM topics. You even have the option of asking a specific question and having it answered by a knowledgeable source. Don’t forget about Sparknotes for English!

5. Use Online Flashcards to Study For Tests

Sometimes, we have to use the tried and true method of using flashcards to study for a test. Luckily, the internet has streamlined things and online flashcards are now available. Also, if you use Quizlet, you can find flashcards for the same class and use those for review too.

What are you looking forward to this semester? Comment below.


Tech Review: Apple Music vs. Spotify


With music streaming services steadily gaining popularity, Apple has created Apple Music, an addition to their previous music radio and iTunes services, as a way to compete with the other streaming services, mainly Spotify. I am new to music streaming (I like to listen to music when I am walking or driving so I create playlists), however it does come in handy when I want to listen to a specific song or artist. Usually, I would use Pandora or Songza, but not knowing if you will like the next song and dealing with skip limits can get annoying. With Spotify and Apple Music being so similar, which should you get?

You should get Apple Music if:

  • you have an Apple device (the Andriod version is coming this fall)
  • you like the idea of sharing this service with your family (Apple Music has cloud sharing for an extra fee)
  • you don’t have a lot of storage on your Apple device for music
  • you like to create your own playlists

You should get Spotify if:

  • you don’t want to pay for premium (Spotify has a free option, but there are ads)
  • you are a student (there is a discount)
  • you have been using Spotify in the past and don’t see a reason to switch it up
  • you don’t mind having your music on shuffle

Other than that, the two services are pretty much the same. They both are $10, they both give access to a huge music library, and (soon) they are both available on all devices.

Have you tried Apple Music or Spotify? Which one did you like better? Did I miss any of the features?

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What is the difference between marketing, public relations, and advertising?

Difference between ad, marketing, pr

A common question that I get when I explain that my major is a combination of marketing, public relations, and advertising, is what is the difference between the three? A common misconception is that they are interchangeable, but even though they are very similar, it’s important to note the differences. Here’s a short and simple guide in case you ever get confused.


Marketing is the plan used for the communication and delivery of the product or service that the company offers. The marketing plan includes: demographics of your ideal client, pricing, market research, and promotion (advertising and public relations). This plan is to ensure that the company can sucessfully sell their products.

public relations

Public Relations is earned media. All this means is that a reporter, editor, blogger, vlogger, radio host, customer or anyone speaks on your product without being paid to do so. For example, if you are a PR practitioner and you have a connection to a journalist, you can try to convince them to write an article on a new product your company is releasing. Note that in this case, the type of publicity is always positive.


If public relations is earned media, then advertising is paid media. Advertising is the way the company communicates their brand,  mission, and product information via media like television, radio, the Internet, and newspapers and magazines. Choosing the correct medium is determined by the research done for the marketing plan and is dependent on the target audience.

I hope this helped you determine the difference between marketing, advertising, and public relations. Don’t forget to share this on your social media networks.

How to Create Your Own Internship

  Internships provide great experience whether we like them or not. The greatest benefit is that you get to meet people in the industry and network with them. But what happens if the company you really want to work for does not offer any internship programs? Or what if you live in a city where there aren’t many opportunities? Here’s some help:

Company Doesn’t Offer Internship Program

Sometimes if your dream company doesn’t offer an internship program, you have to present it to them. What I mean is that you should gather all information and pitch it to them. To do this you should:

1. Go on the website and learn about the company

2. Determine which areas you would like to assist in

3. Craft a pitch explaining who you are and what your experience is. Use this to persuade them as to why they should open a position for you. Mention things like why you want to work for the company, what sets you apart and what the logistics of the position would be.

You Don’t Live in an Area with Many Opportunities

The internet has opened so many doors for those who don’t live in major cities. Many companies offer virtual internships so you can do all of your work at home and still be able to add experience to your resume. To find a virtual internship, you can use a search engine, internship search websites like or social media.

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A Conversation with Academy Award winner, Common


Photo taken by Dekonti Davies


Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Common visited my school (University of Missouri) and spoke about greatness. He was truly a great speaker and had the audience cheering on more than one occasion.

As a special treat, he began with a freestyle, incorporating elements of our Mizzou culture like Sandy from Plaza, College Ave and Rollins and the Berg (if you go to Mizzou you know what I’m talking about).

Then he proceeded to tell us about greatness (how to be our best selves).

Here are the five things that I took away:

1. Don’t allow others to dim your light

It’s very easy to want to please someone that you love to the point where you don’t take care of yourself. He mentions that when he was in a relationship with Erykah Badu, he would often dim his light in order to not make her mad. If we want to be the best we sometimes have to let go of those people that are holding us back.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

When Common was 12, he played basketball but he wasn’t very good. He would try to play it off by pretending he had a stomach ache, but his uncle (the coach) caught on and told him that if he wanted to be good at something he had to work hard on it.

3. Believe in Yourself

You are your biggest supporter. If you don’t believe in yourself then no one else will. Common said that once he started believing in himself, he started to have a better outlook on life, especially when he released the album Be.

4. Finding Your Path Isn’t Easy

Trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life is not easy. Common originally thought he wanted to be a basketball player, but once he was introduced to hip-hop, he knew that was his path.

5. There Will Be Haters

No matter what you do, there will always be someone doubting you. That doubt can even come from within yourself, but you have to believe in yourself and be confident in your abilities.

Seeing Common was exciting, have you met any celebrities? If so, comment below. If not, who is a celebrity that you would like to meet?