Back-to-School Hacks to Start the Semester Off Right


It’s August, so that means a new school year is about to start. Whether you’re dreading or excited for this new school year, we all set expectations of how we want the year to go, and they may or may not happen. Regardless, I wanted to share some back to school hacks to make your year easier and cheaper.

1. Make Your Own Planner

Having a planner keeps you organized (for those of us who still like to use pen and paper), but they can get expensive. Why not make your own? That way it will be customized (which motivates you to actually use it) and you will save money (always a great thing). I found some tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube.

2. Rent e-textbooks

Textbooks are a necessary evil- necessary to pass class, but evil with the prices. However, renting e-textbooks are usually a cheaper option because the publisher doesn’t have to pay to get them printed. I use services like Chegg and Amazon.

3. Go to Events on Campus for Free Food

At Mizzou we have Fall Welcome Week which is where we welcome all the new students to campus through free on campus events. A majority of these events have free food so if your cabinets are bare, go to one! You might also make some new friends.

4. Use Khan Academy for Free Tutoring
If your school doesn’t offer free tutoring services, no worries. Khan Academy is a website that provides helpful videos on STEM topics. You even have the option of asking a specific question and having it answered by a knowledgeable source. Don’t forget about Sparknotes for English!

5. Use Online Flashcards to Study For Tests

Sometimes, we have to use the tried and true method of using flashcards to study for a test. Luckily, the internet has streamlined things and online flashcards are now available. Also, if you use Quizlet, you can find flashcards for the same class and use those for review too.

What are you looking forward to this semester? Comment below.


12 thoughts on “Back-to-School Hacks to Start the Semester Off Right

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