Sophomore Year Review: Apartments, Stress and Boys

Spring Break 2015

Sophomore year is finally over! This year had to be the hardest academically and socially. I had lots of apartment issues, a ton of stress from assignments and craziness regarding boys. Let’s get right to it.

Apartment Issues

Sophomore year I moved into my first apartment, because my school is huge and it would have been more expensive to stay on campus. The apartment I stayed in was through my school’s residential life, so I did not pay a monthly rent, but I did pay room and board. Things started off fine, but they progressively got worse. At first, one of my roommates moved out without telling anyone and left all of her belongings in the apartment. I had to email her, and then she randomly came back one day when no one was home and got her stuff. It was weird. Then, my other roommate moved out; I believe she moved in with her boyfriend. Things were seemingly normal from then on, until one day when I woke up and it was extremely hot. I walked into the living room to see that our ceiling was leaking water! The people living above us broke their water heater, and did not tell anyone so the water seeped down into our apartment. On top of all of that, the apartment was just too small for four people, so we definitely needed to find a new place for the next year.


This year I took the infamous News Writing Class at the Missouri School of Journalism. Infamous because it is a tough writing intensive class that focuses on AP style writing, and any errors you make takes off at least 2 points, which can really add up. Then there is a grammar test that you must pass with an 80% or else you will not pass the course. Each assignment required you to use sources that were not affiliated with the school, which meant I had to venture off campus, but I don’t have a car, so this was difficult. However, I learned a lot from this class, though I wish there was more focus on public relations (which I want to do).


Boys will be boys.  College boys will be boys. A lot of guys in college have the mentality that they are in college just to have fun, therefore they don’t need or want to commit to a girl.This year I met a guy, actually two who fell into this category. The first one, let’s call him Will, is still a good acquaintance, but he knows nothing will happen as long as he has that mentality. The second one, let’s call him Stupid, tried to go out with me AND my roommate. Yes, you read that correctly. He didn’t know that we were roommates but once I found out, I invited him over and had her walk out so he would know. But he didn’t understand what the problem was. Listen, I can look back at that and laugh now because the things he said were just so stupid.

Are you in college? How was your year? If you aren’t in college, how is your 2015 going so far?


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