30 Before 30: 30 things to do before turning 30

30Before30My 20th birthday is next week! So I thought I’d make a list of things to do before I turn 30:

  1. Travel to NYC, LA, ATL and Texas
  2. Graduate college
  3. Eat a restaurant that serves expensive cuisine  (I’ve eaten at 3 Forks in Chicago, as a part of my internship with BET Networks).
  4. Invest in a start up
  5. Donate and support a worthy cause
  6. Find my dream job
  7. Conquer a physical challenge (run a 5k)
  8. Cross country road trip
  9. Get a car
  10. Throw an epic birthday party
  11. Go on a retreat
  12. Pay off student loans
  13. Sky diving!
  14. Go to a state festival
  15. Get a hobby and stick with it
  16. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
  17. Attend a concert
  18. Scuba diving
  19. Go camping
  20. Attend a sporting event (I’ve been to a Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls game. Now, I just need to go to a Chicago Bears game.)
  21. Apply for my dream job
  22. Throw a great dinner party for friends and family
  23. Track my family ancestry
  24. Be on tv
  25. Travel to an exotic location
  26. Splurge on something expensive
  27. Stay at a luxury hotel
  28. See Cirque du Soleil or Blue Man group
  29. Become a mentor
  30. Forgive myself for mistakes



6 thoughts on “30 Before 30: 30 things to do before turning 30

  1. This is wonderful, Tia! Happy early birthday and I just want to say you are such a great person to be thinking of doing all these things! Good luck with all your future endeavors!

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