HTGAWM Epic Season 1 Finale Recap

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WHERE DO I BEGIN???? Last’s night season finale of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder was filled with twists, shocking moments and revelations. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want it to be spoiled, then come back after you watch the episode because this post is full of spoilers. 

Since the episode was two hours long I’m going to break it up into categories like I usually do so it’s easy to follow along. I’m going to start with the main story lines, then and the end I’ll briefly discuss the other things that happened in the episode.

Did Rebecca Kill Lila?

Wes is growing more suspicious of Rebecca and discusses these feelings with Laurel. Wes and Laurel visit the psych ward where Rudy is and he says, “wet”, referring to seeing Rebecca soaking wet when she came back to her apartment the night that Lila was murdered. They are seen sneaking off and whispering, causing Michaela to get suspicious. Wes finally tells the group that he is suspicious and we get this response from Michaela:

They get together at Wes’ house and confront Rebecca, but she flips the script and blackmails them. Rebecca knows the officer that witnessed something, that could have them all put in jail. When Annalise comes, she finds Rebecca tied up in the bathroom. Annalise takes the tape off of Rebecca’s mouth, but Rebecca starts screaming, so they have to move it to the Keating Household. In typical Annalise fashion, she sets up a mock trail and the group has to present their best evidence on why Rebecca killed Lila. No one is able to present concrete evidence, only speculation, so they are back to square one.

Annalise gives Wes a pep talk, and tells Wes that he needs to step up and get some answers from his girlfriend, who is tied up in the basement. She tells him that she was in the water tank because she discovered Lila’s body, she heard someone coming and she knew it would look like she killed Lila, so she hid in the water tank until the person left. But if she found her friend dead, why wouldn’t she call 911 or something? I find it terrible that she found her dead friend, then just went home without doing anything.

Some flashbacks:

Let’s go back and talk about the flashbacks that happened. We start where Lila tells Rebecca that she wants to get back with Griffin, but Rebecca tells her that he is no good for her. Lila is mad and says that Rebecca ruined her life and she wishes she never left her. To prove that Griffin is no good, Rebecca goes to the frat house, seduces Griffin, and texts Lila from his phone, asking her to come over. Lila walks in on Griffin and Rebecca having sex and Rebecca says “this is the type of guy you want?” then smiles when Lila storms off.

This is how she gets to the rooftop. There, she calls Sam, asking him to come back because she needs him or else she will tell Annalise about the affair and the pregnancy. Lila goes to the Keating house, but Bonne blocks her from speaking to Annalise. She goes back to the rooftop where she meets Sam. Sam tells her that he is going to leave Annalise then he kisses Lila. Am I the only one who thought Sam was about to kill Lila, from the way he was holding her neck? Sam leaves, so he isn’t the killer.

Warning if you do not want to know who killed Lila then stop reading now!!!!!!

Sam leaves, goes to a payphone, calls someone, and says something along the lines of he needs the person on the other line to do the thing they talked about, since they owe him. I thought he was talking to his sister but….

We see the clip of Lila being choked and the camera pans so that we see who kills her and it is……


Frank!!!!!!! Who would have guessed that it’s Frank?? I thought it was Sam’s sister or Wes, but never did I think Frank!.

Back to the Present

Now that we know that Frank killed Lila, we go back to the present and see Annalise running out of the basement, yelling “where is she? Who let her go?” Because, apparently Rebecca has escaped, but in the last twist of the episode we see


Rebecca’s dead!! Now, who killed her? It’s too obvious that it’s Frank so I think it could be Wes, Bonnie, or Michaela.

Other things that happened

The episode was two hours, so of course there was some filler scenes which were:

The case that week was about a priest who refused to break his confidentiality so he ended up going to jail for murder.

Annalise has Frank call some of his connections in jail to beat up Nate so that he can get out on bail, but that doesn’t happen. So she gets the judge changed by taking a picture of the judge and Asher flirting.

Michaela meets with Aiden’s mom, and stands her ground because the mom just wants Michaela to marry Aiden to cover up the fact that he’s gay.

Laurel had Michaela’s ring all along, as a way to make sure Michaela didn’t run to the police and tell on them.



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