How to Get Away With Murder Recap Season 1, episode 12

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Thursday’s episode of HTGAWM was intense. I did not predict what was going to happen at the end of the episode. So let’s just get right into it.

Sam’s Dead

The police come to the Keating household and tell the Keating women that they found Sam’s remains. Hannah bursts in to tears, but Annalise has no emotion at all (side note, if I wear Annalise and I were covering up the murder of my husband, I would at least pretend to be grieving, otherwise it makes you look guilty, but Annalise knows what she’s doing). Hannah tells the police to arrest Annalise because she believes Annalise killed Sam (again, Annalise says nothing…strange).

The case:

Now that she is under scrutiny of the media and the police, the clients that she has been on retainer for 15 years want to drop her. Her client is being charged for drug possession (they are a part of the mafia, I think). Annalise does what she does best and gets the charges dropped due to a technicality (the prosecution set the defendant up to get arrested). The case wasn’t all that important but did you catch when the man said “Chocolate and Italian wine always pair well together” ¬†when he found out that Annalise was now a single woman? I found that to be so smooth.

Back to Sam:

Hannah is serious about implicating Annalise for the murder of Sam, telling the police that she knew about the affair three weeks before his death and that Annalise threatened him before. Bonnie has been very observant and figures out from the police report and the missing scales from the trophy that Annalise has something to do with his murder, and says “You aren’t going to get away with this Annalise”. Did anyone else think that she was going to blackmail Annalise when she said that? But she warns her that she could be ruined if she takes the fall for the murder.

Didn’t see that coming:

I guess the talk with Bonnie puts a fire under Annalise’s butt, because the next thing we see is Nate being arrested for Sam’s murder. They find a ring in the forest (which we all thought was Michaela’s) belonging to Sam, with a fingerprint on it. The fingerprint is Nate’s and it got on the ring because Frank took his fingerprint off of a glass then transferred it onto the ring. When Nate is a arrested, he has an odd look on his face. I’m wondering if he’s not worried because he know Annalise will get him out, or because he knows something else.

What did you think of this week’s episode?


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