How to Get Away with Murder Recap: S1 episode 10

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Annalise is running the show:

So in the flashback when Wes lied about the coin, to make sure that they went back to get Sam’s body. Annalise actually told Wes what to do to make it look like Sam went missing (remove the body and burn it).
Police Investigation:
The episode kicks off with the police investigated after Sam went “missing” and the Keating 5 (minus Asher since he didn’t do anything) are all feeling guilty and paranoid.The police interrogate all of them and it goes like this:
Analise: Back in game mode, uses Nate as her alibi. Plays the role of a woman who just found out her husband had an affair + possibly murdered someone, perfectly.
Wes: Does great; he has an alliance with Annalise so he knows what to say and is pretty calm throughout this whole ordeal. Confesses that he’s dating Rebecca.
Laurel: Seemed nervous, but she played it off by saying that Sam may have been interested in her sexually.
Asher: He mentions that he saw Connor’s car at the Keating Household, placing the four of them at the scene of the crime. Oops, maybe they should have let Asher in on the plan.
Michaela: The police trick her by saying they know about the car being at the Keating House, but she tries to play it off. I don’t think she did a good job.
Connor: Nothing out of his character
Case of the week:
This week focuses on Annalise trying to prove Rebecca is innocent by implicating her husband. The plan is to:
1. Prove Sam had a relationship with Lila
-Frank gets the DNA test results that prove that Sam was  the father of Lila’s baby. Annalise is a bit too relieved at this information, so she reveals what she knows to Frank.
2. Prove Sam had motive
-In order to prove that Sam wanted Lila to get an abortion,
they get video footage of Sam and Lila at an abortion clinic arguing. Also, a tech analyst uses Sam’s laptop to trace his location the night of Lila’s murder. Turns out he was at the Kappa Kappa Theta house around 1 a.m. aka the time of the murder. This evidence along with a testimony from the receptionist at the abortion clinic is enough to have Rebecca’s case dismissed.
Confession time:
Connor and Michaela are getting more paranoid that they will get caught and they want to confess so that they will get misdemeanors. They need Laurel on board with them, and it seems like they convinced her, but at the police station Annalise and Wes shows up, so it’s clear that Laurel told them. Annalise convinces them not to say anything because she will make sure they get away with murder.
Houston Keating, We Have a problem:
At the end of the episode, it seems like everything is going well: Rebecca’s case is dismissed, it seems like the Keating 5 will get away with murder (promised by Annalise). But, we know that doesn’t work with Shonda Rhimes. Connor calls Annalise, letting her know that her sister-in-law is in town so that throws a wrench into their plans. Annalise has to be the most stressed out person right now.
What did you think of the first episode?
I don’t think Sam killed Lila, it’s too perfect. Do you think he did it?
Will someone explain Wes and Annalise’s relationship? I feel it’s much more than professor/student.

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