2014 Recap: The Best Commercials of 2014

Are you guys excited for 2015!? I am! I have so many things that I am looking forward to: increasing my online presence, meeting new people, and overall building my brand. What do you have in store for 2015, and what are you looking forward to?

Since I want to get into the advertising business, I thought a fun way to wrap up the year would be to discuss what I thought the best commercials of the year were.

5. Under Armour “Misty Copeland”

Misty Copeland was told that she did not have the body for ballet, but she used that motivation to prove that she “will what I want”

4. Downy “Rip Your Clothes on”

This commercial captivated me from the song sung by Ella Erye in the background, her voice is so sultry, and so perfect so this commercial that says that Downy makes your clothes so soft that you can’t wait to put them back on.

3. Beats by Dre “Solo Selfie”

I have to admit that this commercial actually prompted me to purchase my first pair of Beats. I think it’s genius because it has so many celebrity cameos and it is sort of interactive because it prompts the viewer to do their own #soloselfie and that provides more promotion for them.

2. Duracell “Trust Your Power”

I felt this was a powerful commercial because it did not focus on the fact that he is deaf, in fact he doesn’t say it until later on in the clip, but it connects how a brand like Duracell can be trusted with something so important like a hearing aid for a deaf football player.

1. Always “Like a Girl”

The reason I chose this to be number one was because we see so many commercials that display half naked women, but this was a refreshing approach to show young girls that being a girl does not make them weak.

What were your favorite commercials of the year?


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