How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Season 1 Episode 8

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Last week, I didn’t post a recap; I had a lot to do and by the time I could actually sit down and type a recap, it was Sunday night and I felt that it was too late. But anyway, this episode was really good and finally we are starting to figure out what happened on the night of the bonfire (this episode takes place the day of the bonfire). This is also the episode before winter finale, so I’m guessing next week we will find out who killed Sam. Let’s jump right into it; there is a lot to cover in this episode. Since there is a lot to cover, I’m going to try to give a brief synopsis and then say what we learned from each scene.

The case:

I’m going to give a very brief synopsis of the case because the case wasn’t that interesting to me. A woman is accused of killing her family’s nanny while she was under the influence of sleeping pills, but it actually was her husband who killed her because he was having an affair and he found out that the nanny was sleeping with the son as well. The fact that the son was sleeping with the nanny was a surprise to Annalise (she does not like surprises in the court room) and she goes off on Bonnie! And Bonnie sat there and took it.

Rebecca and Lila flashbacks:

Instead of the usual bonfire flashbacks, we get flashbacks of Rebecca and Lila on a rooftop drinking and doing Coke. The flashbacks took place during the summer so a couple of months before she died.

What we learn: Lila showed Rebecca the nude pic that Sam sent her, Lila wants to tell his wife that she is having an affair but Rebecca tells her not to, and Lila cries and says “bad things happen when you have sex”. I’m guessing this is when she found out that she was pregnant.

Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie:

Bonnie has the type of job that requires her to deal with a lot from her boss. At the beginning of the episode, Annalise makes her witness her yelling at Sam about Lila being pregnant, and he lies and said that he didn’t know. We also see another flashback featuring Bonnie and Lila; Lila is banging on Annalise’s door, seemingly about to tell her that she is pregnant but Bonnie answers the door instead and scares her off. Back to present, Sam tries to manipulate Bonnie by kissing her so that she won’t tell Annalise that the Sam got Lila pregnant. But Bonnie tells Annalise anyway and because Bonnie betrayed her trust (and probably for embarrassing her in the court) Annalise fires her.

What we learn: Lila implied that Sam knew about the pregnancy, and Bonnie didn’t tell Annalise that Lila came to visit.

Other stuff:

Mikaela meets Aiden’s mom (hey Ms. Lynn Whitfield!) who wants her to sign a prenup. Aiden’s mom insults Mikaela to the point where Mikaela tries to slap her.

Frank sleeps with Laurel but we find out he has a girlfriend.

Rebecca and Nate team up to try to get evidence that Sam is the father.

Leading up to the bonfire:

Mikaela steals the trophy from Asher, and the reason they are all together (except Asher) is to study for the classes they are failing. They end up at the Keating household because Rebecca and Nate downloaded the texts between Lila and Sam since they couldn’t get his DNA, Wes warns her against working with Nate and she runs to the Keating household and the group follows after her.


Phew a lot happened and I can’t wait for next week’s episode. Who do you think killed Sam?


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