CBS Introduces New 24 Hour News Streaming Service

In order to enter the mobile arena, CBS has introduced a new twenty-four hour news streaming service. This will be different from their original news broadcasts because only subscribers can view this service. There will be lived anchored coverage from 9am to midnight Eastern Time, but I am not entirely sure what will happen during those nine hours when there aren’t live anchors. The network, called CBSN, offers content from CBS Sports, News, and other partners, so the digital streaming service will not be just a replica of the news happening on television. There is also a feature that lets you go through previous coverage, sort of like an on demand service does. To watch the streaming service, just go to CBS’ website, or you can use streaming services like Roku and Fire TV.
I think that streaming video will be the new innovation for networks. People are becoming increasing busy and don’t have the time every week to sit down and watch the latest episode of a show, so more networks are allowing people to watch the episodes online.


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