Mobile Journalism: Using Your iPhone for Multimedia

Mobile Journalism



The cell phone has evolved from just being a device that you can receive and place phone calls on, to being a device that takes photos, videos, plays music, has games, etc. And this has influenced journalism in the way that reporters no longer have to wait for camera crews to show up; if there is breaking news, they can just pull out their phone and take pictures, or send updates using social media. Below I will discuss the pros and cons of mobile journalism. 


  • great for sending quick updates (through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook)
  • less heavy than carrying broadcast video cameras
  • less expensive
  • shorter editing process
  • people usually always have their phone on them


  • hard to type long articles (small screen makes it easy to type lots of errors)
  • quality not the best (the cameras have a set aperture, and don’t work well in extreme light situations)
  • in order to improve the quality you have to buy expensive equipment, which defeats the purpose

Overall, I don’t mobile journalism is going to fade away. I already see many news stations and newspapers using social media as a way to connect with their audience by posting behind the scenes pictures and videos of developing stories, or asking for their audience’s opinion on subjects. With that said, I think until mobile technology becomes better, it will only be a supplement to traditional journalism because the quality isn’t the same.


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