How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Season 1 episode 6

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Quick note: I know that the show comes on on Thursdays (#TGIT), and I don’t get my recaps up until Saturday, but Fridays are so busy for me. So don’t be mad at me for getting these recaps up on Saturdays. But let’s jump right on into this week’s episode (which I enjoyed)

Flashback Scene

Usually I don’t like the bonfire flashbacks, but I felt that this time we actually got to see more of what happened that night. We see Asher dancing around his room at the beginning of the episode, so we know that he will be the focus this week. He goes to the Keating household because he sees that the trophy has been taken from him, so he bangs on the doors for the group to open the door. Inside we see Mikaela, Connor, Wes, Rebecca, Laurel, and Sam’s dead body trying to hide to that Asher won’t know they’re in there (so this shows that Asher has nothing to do with the murder, even though they contemplated letting him in so that there would be his DNA at the crime scene). Mikaela texts him and says she’s at the library so that he will leave.

Once they get Sam’s body in the car, they are deciding which gas station to go to, but while they are en route, Asher just so happens to walk across the street and stop in front of the car to take a phone call and stands there the whole time while he is talking (I would have been so annoyed, but I guess there wasn’t much they could do)

The Case

20 years ago David Allen was convicted of murdering his girlfriend, Tricia, but the Keating 5 (as they are now known) is told that the reason Annalise believes he was convicted was because someone on the jury lied in order to make sure David was convicted. So the task is to figure out who lied, and why. During an all nighter, Asher literally runs into the clue that helps them (he gets mad and tries to tackle Connor but ends up knocking over boxes with research in them); he realizes that one of the members of the jury lives in a building owned by a U.S. Senator, who 20 years ago, raised the rent as an effort to get all of the poor Black people out of his building. Annalise uses this information to make David a free man.

Asher’s dad is not so honest:

While they are researching the case, Laurel discovers that Asher’s dad was the judge for the case 20 years ago, and they think that he and the prosecution struck a deal in order to convict David. This shocks Asher because his dad is supposed to be a judge who has based his career on honesty and not being corrupt. His dad sort of admits to it, through his lack of answers but Connor tells Annalise that he will give her all the information she needs but his father’s name can’t be mentioned, and he has to get the trophy (so now we know how he got the trophy).

Rebecca’s Case updates:

-Wes tells Annalise that he will tell the police about Sam unless she finds Rebecca

-Annalise plants evidence in Griffin’s (Lila’s ex boyfriend’s car) to take the heat off Rebecca and Sam

-Frank finds Rebecca

What did you think of this week’s episode? Now that they’re featured everyone in the Keating 5, who do you think they will feature next? Bonnie? Frank? Sam? Nate?


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