How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Season 1 episode 5

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From this week’s flashback to the bonfire, I could tell that this week would focus on Laurel. Not sure how I feel about Laurel, but as of right now she reminds me of Quinn from Scandal and I don’t like Quinn so… Let’s get to it.

Bonfire Scene:

Frank calls Laurel, and two people near by (who can’t tell someone named Jen that they were there) hear the phone ringing and run off. Frank calls again when they are burning Sam’s body and the group tells her to answer so that it will solidify their alibi. Apparently she cheated on her boyfriend with Frank, and Frank is sprung! He’s begging her to forgive him and that he will do anything. I didn’t know Laurel had it like that.

Anyway, after that’s over she goes to Frank’s house with the trophy, and it looks like she might tell him everything that happened.

Sam and Annalise:

We pick up where we left off last week with Annalise asking Sam why his penis is on Lila’s phone. He tells her that they had sex at least 6 or 7 times, in his office, and once in his car! And then we find out that Annalise was actually Sam’s mistress before they got married; he cheated on his first wife with her.

Annalise goes to Nate, who lost his job because Bonnie told on him in the last episode. So he’s mad, and tells her that Sam’s alibi did not check out. I really thought he would keep that information to himself and reveal it in some crazy way, but no, I guess this is fine.

Also, Annalise makes Sam perform a psych eval on Rebecca to see if she’s ready for trial, but more importantly, to see if she knows Sam is the one who sent the pictures to Lila’s phone; she doesn’t recognize him. But she goes to the bathroom and recognizes the wallpaper in their bathroom as the same from the picture so she puts two and two together and warns Wes that Annalise can’t be trusted. But did anyone notice how Wes just broke into her house, and went up to her room? Not cool.

The Case:

Ryan, shot his father, a policeman because he was abusing his mother. The media portrays Ryan as a psychotic killer, and Annalise knows that if she has a chance of winning she needs to have the jury on her side. They use tactics to excuse certain jurors, and then Laurel learns about “jury nullification” which is when a juror can vote based on emotions rather than the facts, which grants them a mistrial. So instead of going to jail Ryan will be going to a juvenile center.


What did you think of this episode?

Did I miss anything?



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