How to Get Away with Murder Recap: Season 1, Episode 3

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Have you been watching How to Get Away with Murder on ABC? I have and I love it. And for those of you who love it, I thought it would be a good idea to do a weekly recap of the show. I know I’m late (starting with the third episode) but better late than never right?

Let’s Jump right into it (spoilers ahead!)

The Case:

This week’s case is about a seemingly normal suburban housewife, Paula Murphy (played by Ana Ortiz, aka Hilda from my favorite show Ugly Betty), who Annalise bails out of jail for having sex in a public place with a man who wasn’t her husband. However, once they step outside the precinct, the FBI surrounds them because it turns out that Paula Murphy is really Elena Aguilar, a fugitive wanted for her association of a 1194 bombing of a financial institute that killed a janitor. Elena admits to it and says she’ll admit it and go to jail for 10 years, but Annalise comes up with a defense plan that will get her off; find the leader of the group and say that he brainwashed them into setting off the bomb. All goes well until, Gabriel, the leader, blames it all on Elena because he will get an early release in return. After the trial is resumed, Elena is nowhere to be found, but later we see that her and Gabriel ran away together.

Mikaela, Connor, and Aiden:

Finally we meet Mikaela’s fiance’ Aiden, and we soon learn that Connor and Aiden slept together. It was back when they went to boarding school together and Aiden says it was a stupid night that happened when he was 15 and nothing else like that will happen again. Mikaela is upset because she doesn’t want to marry Aiden to later get divorced, if he really is gay.

Sam’s Alibi:

In the last episode Annalise had Nate look into Sam’s alibi to see if Sam was involved in Lila’s murder. Nate finds out that Sam was not at Yale the day Lila was married (he canceled his speaking arrangement because he had “food poisoning”), so his alibi doesn’t check out. Also, his car was not in the parking lot the night of Lila’s murder, so he went somewhere that night. But I think the crazy part is that Nate lied to Annalise and said that Sam WAS at Yale. HMMM….

Rebecca’s Lawyer?:

Wes goes to the jail to try to see Rebecca, but he is denied because he does not have a lawyer ID. He makes a fake one and goes to see Rebecca, letting her know that he knows that the phone she left in his bathroom is Lila’s. They have a conversation that honestly, I can’t remember what it was about lol, let me know in the comments if it was something important. Annalise finds out that Rebecca was his neighbor and is upset that she didn’t tell him that, because the school wants her to represent Lila’s boyfriend, the football player. Speaking of the football player, we learn that he had a party the night  Lila went missing and called Rebecca because she was a cocaine dealer, and he ends up having sex with Rebecca and Lila walks in on them. It turns out that Rebecca texted Lila from the football player’s (don’t remember his name) phone, setting him up.

Murder Scene:

I’m actually getting tired of the murder scene, because it’s like watching the same thing over and over and over, and we only get about 10 secs of new footage. I wish the would just wait until the middle of the season to show what happened in one episode, instead of doing these flashbacks. Anyway, this week is focused on Mikaela, and she loses her engagement ring, which is bad because if someone finds it, they will know she wasn’t at the bonfire. Speaking of bonfire, the bonfire that’s at the beginning of the flashback, the group uses that as their alibi and take selfies to show that they were there, not out murdering Sam.


Do you think Connor and Aiden will hook up again?

Why do you think Nate lied to Annalise about Sam? Is it for revenge?

Leave your comments and predictions below.


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