3 Tips for Videography

Videography is by far my favorite medium to use, and if I had the time, I would actually make YouTube videos. To me, videography is a lot easier than photography, and I love the process of editing video to get my final product. For all you beginning videographers out there, here are 5 steps to help you out.

1. Plan your shots/ create a story line
The whole process goes a lot smoother if you plan in advance what shots and angles you want to film. Let’s say you are filming a Halloween decor tutorial but you didn’t plan out your shots, and you forgot to do a before shot of the room you were decorating. You can’t redo the whole video, so you have to edit it as is. So before hand, just make a list of the things you want to record, so that when you get to the editing process, you won’t get frustrated.

2. Use a tripod
The tripod keeps the camera steady so that your video doesn’t come out shaky, which can be very distracting. Also, don’t rely on someone else holding the camera, especially if it’s a handheld camera, because our hands aren’t steady; the person can easily shift his or her hand if it becomes tired, if it itches, or anything.

3. Try not to move the camera at all
This is similar to using a tripod, but in this case do not move the camera at all. Let the subject walk into the frame, do not zoom while filming, and no panorama shots, unless absolutely needed.


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