Using Storyboards for Video + templates #2150

Another very helpful tip for when you are using video is to use the storyboarding technique. This is similar to what I said in a pervious post about planning your shots. Using a storyboard allows you to determine the angle of which you want your piece to go, and later determine what order you want the shots to go in.
There are 2 types of storyboards: front end and back end

Front end:
Is when you plan your shots BEFORE you go out to shoot, to make sure you don’t miss anything while you’re out.

Back end:
After you have your shots, you use the back end story technique to go through the shots you took, and take note or inventory of them. Then you use that to determine what order you want them. This will allow you to do visual outline so that you plan better.

Here’s a template I found from



How to Get Away With Murder Recap: Season 1 episode 5

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From this week’s flashback to the bonfire, I could tell that this week would focus on Laurel. Not sure how I feel about Laurel, but as of right now she reminds me of Quinn from Scandal and I don’t like Quinn so… Let’s get to it.

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How to Prepare For Midterms

how to prepare for midterms

It’s that time of the school year when it’s the halfway mark and professors love to give midterms. To me it’s the second most stressful time of the year (after finals), just because there is a lot of information crammed into one test. But I’m going to share some tips with you that will hopefully make things less stressful.

1. Find out the format of the test

Will it be all multiple choice, short answer, essay, or a combination of those? How many questions will there be? This will help you study more efficiently because you will know how¬†to study. If it’s an essay test, then you know you need to know the main concepts in the class and come up with a thesis. If it’s multiple choice, then you need to study terms, dates, and names, and be able to recognize so that you can easily choose the right answer on the test.

2. Divide and Conquer

If there is a lot of material that will be on the test, break it up so that you can tackle smaller chunks of information instead of trying to cram it all in at once. For example, with my Poly Sci exam, there are 3 pages of terms that will be on the test. Instead of trying to sit down and trying to write down the definition for each one, I divided them into related sections so all of the presidents in one section, all of the amendments to the Constitution in the other. Or you could do it based on your notes, so you would go through a couple days of notes at a time.

3. Practice what you know

If you have a short answer or multiple choice test, then you can test what you know by asking yourself sample questions or having a friend or family member look at your notes and ask you to explain them. If you can, you’re in good shape, if you can’t then you need to go over that again.

4. The night before

Pack your bag so that you aren’t rushing in the morning; get your pencils, pens, exam booklet, calculator, what ever you need for the test. Also go over your notes finding out what you do know, and then going over what you don’t know. If you save all of your studying for the night before (no judgement, I’ve done it as well), then go over your notes a couple of times, writing down what you don’t remember so that you know what to study. Then try to get some sleep.

5. The day of the test

Breakfast will help wake you up the morning of your test, so try to get some. Also, try not to be nervous, you prepared for the test (hopefully) so it shouldn’t be too bad. You can use the time you have before the test to do a final review of your notes, and go take the test.

You got this! Good luck!

How to Get Away with Murder Recap: season 1 episode 4

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Season 1, Episode 4: the promos for this episode said to pay attention to the last 9 words of the episode, and they were pretty interesting. Let’s discuss what happened.

The Case:

Marian, an executive at a firm, accused of insider training. Annalise suspects that it is an inside job so she has the team interview each of the employees to see if they betrayed Marian.

Most of the interviews end badly (did anyone see the cameo from Karen Malina White aka Charmagne from The Cosby Show/ A Different World & Dijonay from The Proud Family?) except for Connor who has sex with Marian’s assistant, Paxton, and taps his phone. In a very messy move, he then has his main guy (don’t remember his name) trace the phone call Paxton made, but they can’t, however Paxton’s part of the conversation was recorded and they figure out that he is behind it.

Marian goes off on Paxton, even throwing a shoe at him, but the poor guy can’t take it and jumps out of the window (did not see that coming at all). Annalise knows that Paxton wasn’t working alone so, the team tries to figure out who else was in on it, and through the use of some tricky interrogation skills, the other two people confess (I really don’t remember their names).

Rebecca’s Case:

The Judge sets bail at $1 million for Rebecca because she confessed, and Annalise and the team try to reduce the bail by getting a copy of the confession tape to prove it is invalid.

Bonnie sees Nate breaking into Sam’s car (more about that in the next session) and uses it as blackmail to get the confession tape. BTW, why was Bonnie just sitting outside of the Keating household? That was weird.

The judge sees that the video is in valid because in the video Rebecca looks away (at someone) then confesses.

Is Sam Guilty?

Sam is looking guiltier and guiltier by the minute, and for the sake of the show, I hope he isn’t the one who killed Lila because it would be way too obvious. Anyway, in this episode, Nate breaks in to Sam’s car to look at his GPS to see where Sam was the night of the murder. It says that he arrived in Philadelphia at 7:02 pm then back at Yale at 2:48 am (this is what Bonnie saw).

Last 9 Words:

Wes convinces Rebecca to give him the code to unlock Lila’s phone and he shows what he sees to Annalise. She takes the phone home, then proceeds to take off her wig (yay natural hair), makeup, and eyelashes. Sam walks in the room and she shows him the phone and says the last 9 words “why is your penis on a dead girl’s phone?’ Uh oh, Sam is in trouble.

Predictions/ questions:

In next week’s episode, is looks like Sam and Annalise get into a physical altercation after she shows him the pictures, how do you think he will explain himself?

Do you think Nate is conducting his own investigation of Sam? What do you think he will do with the information?

What do you think will happen to Rebecca now?

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3 Tips For Staying Organized When Working With Multimedia

1. Use a different SD (memory) card for each device
When you’re using multiple devices, sometimes they require you to format your SD card, which deletes all of the files on it. If you’re using only one SD card and you need to format it, then all of the previous files you had on there are now gone. To avoid this, get multiple SD cards and save your work to your desktop or an other hard drive.
2. Create folders based on dates or topic
Once you have all of the shots, or audio you need create a folder based on the date you took it or the subject. For example if you were shooting on October 4, 2014, maybe name the folder 10\4\14 video, 10/4/14 audio, etc. Or you can do it by the subject, like if you were taking pictures of a cat maybe call the folder cat_photos.
3. Do the same for file names
Then you can do the same for individual files. When you upload them to your computer they usually already have some file name that consists of letters and numbers, and to avoid confusion, I go through all of them and then change the names of the files I want to keep.

I hope this was helpful, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.