5 Tips for an Audio Interview #2150

This week in class we learned about audio, and specifically how to conduct audio interviews and make slideshows. Audio adds an important factor to a slideshow because it makes you feel like you’re there. So here are 5 tips to help you create a good audio interview or slideshow.

1. Record 30 secs of each ambient sound, and background noise. So if you were interviewing an employee at McDonalds you would record the sounds of the cash register, the fries being cooked, or someone taking an order for ambient sound. Then for background you would just record what is happening in the restaurant.

2. Do not use verbal feedback like “uh-huh” “right” “ok” when the other person is talking. Just nod your head to show that you understand what they are saying.

3. Try not to talk much at all during the interview besides asking questions because you will have to go back and edit those out in post production.

4. Ask double barreled questions that require more than a few words to answer.

5. If using a microphone, keep it no more than 6 inches away from the subject and to the side of their face to avoid plosives. Plosives are those hard p sounds that you make when you speak and come off harshly in audio.


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