#whyistayed: women share their domestic abuse situations

In February, video surfaced of Baltimore Ravens players Ray Rice dragging his then fiancee’- now wife, Janay, out of an elevator. No one was exactly sure what went down in the elevator, but it was speculated that the two got into an altercation that resulted in Janay being knocked unconscious. In July, the NFL decided to suspend Ray Rice for two games as punishment. Recently, TMZ posted a video that showed what happened inside of the elevator. It appears that they were having an argument, during which Ray punched Janay and she fell to the floor, unconscious. The release of the video has sparked a media frenzy and the NFL has suspended him indefinitely. Also, since Janay went on to marry him, this has inspired the #whyistayed where women who are/were victims of domestic abuse share the reasons why they stayed in those relationships.

Here are a few examples:

Also there have been memes making light of the situation, however I will not post those because I do not agree with making light of any abuse situation. Also, this just shows that the world we live in now is all about multimedia. No longer do you rely on the newspaper or the broadcast to get the news, but you can get on social media to get various opinions on it as well. That could be a good thing if people are contributing respectful things, however there are always people who say ignorant things for attention. I’ve never been in an abusive relationship but I did get a new viewpoint from these women’s experiences.
If you have anything (positive) to share, please do so below.


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