Learning Photography #2150U

This semester I am taking a multimedia class that I’m very excited about because I have a little (basic) experience working with photo and videography i’m looking forward to learning more and expanding my knowledge. Also, an assignment for the class is to blog on a weekly basis. So, if you see posts about any of those subjects, they’re for my class, and feel free to read them, hopefully you can learn something too. Keep reading for more.

First, we’re learning about photography using the Nikon D7000 camera. We talked about the different settings on the camera. For example, the back (or main dial) controls the shutter speed, the front dial controls the aperture, and you use the menu button to control a lot of different features like white balance, exposure, and the image quality.

Also, we learned what makes a photo a good photo. First, every photo should have a caption in AP Style, and the caption should identify who is in the picture and what is going on in the picture. Second, when taking the picture you should try to follow the rule of thirds, which means that you should imagine the photo being split up into a 3×3 grid and your subject shouldn’t be in the center, but off to the left or right otherwise the photo will look intense.

I’m looking forward to learning more about photography especially how to use Photoshop.


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