Mistakes I Made My Freshman Year of College

I can’t believe that summer is basically over and I am about to being my sophomore year of college! As I’m sitting in my new apartment, I can’t help but to reflect on my freshman year. Since a lot of you are heading back to college I thought I’d share with you some mistakes I made, so hopefully you can learn from them.

1. Not speaking up to my suitemates
Luckily I had my own room last year, but the four of us shared a bathroom where two of them would leave hair, underwear, all types of things in the bathroom that were disgusting. I took the passive aggressive route because I admit I am an introvert and can sometimes be too shy. But in the long run, me being passive aggressive only led to me being angrier, because they kept leaving stuff in the bathroom, so this year I’m definitely going to speak up.

2. Charging stuff to my account/ not understanding my financial aid
At the beginning of the year I was shopping for books and someone told me that I could charge the books to my account if I didn’t have enough to pay for them. So I did that, and charge a bunch of other stuff to my account that I should not have. At the end of my first semester, I was considering not coming back because I simply could not afford to pay my bill, so do not buy a lot of stuff that you can’t afford and pay attention to your account.

3. Dragging on a relationship that should have ended a while ago.
When I went to college I did have a boyfriend back at home, and at first things were cool like he would say he would visit but as time went by I realized I was putting more effort into the relationship than he was. And the number one rule of long distance relationships is that both people have to want to make it work, or else it won’t. However, I kept the relationship going because honestly I did still want to be with him, but I think deep down I just didn’t want to be alone, especially since I go to school out of state. Eventually, we started growing apart to the point where we barely talk. But I am definitely using this time to work on myself.

Are you returning back to college? What are some mistakes you made in your previous year that you will grow from?


2 thoughts on “Mistakes I Made My Freshman Year of College

  1. I LOVE IT! I can relate to number 1 and of course number 3! But i also shared a bathroom with four other girls, and one of them NEVER cleaned the bathroom – even when we made her! It was the most annoying thing ever!

    I think one of my mistakes were not going out enough! I mean i didn’t really mind not going out, but I still wish I did! These four years are your best yet, and you should take full advantage!

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