Back to School: My Favorite Apps

We all love our smartphones and the apps that are on them. But there are 5 in particular that I really like and I know I’ll be using in the upcoming school year.


There are times when I need to remind myself to do something (like submit an online assignment, pick up something on the way home, or check in to my flight) and I know that I cannot rely on my memory alone lol. To set a reminder, I just open the app, type in a quick note, and then set a time that I would like to be reminded. You can also add a note to the reminder, set the priority, and even add people to the reminder. I like the interface because it’s clean and simple, with no extra bells and whistles.  A cool thing about this app is that when you miss a phone call, will present you with a menu that displays a couple of actions: call that person back, send them a pre typed message, or setting a reminder to call that person back.


If you are one of those students who likes to take notes on their laptops, then Evernote is perfect for you. You can create notebooks for each class, and then make notes for each lecture on separate pages. When creating notes, you can choose from typing your notes or recording audio, and when you are done typing Evernote will sync your notes to all your devices (iPhone, Android and computer). Also, Evernote has come out with a web version so you can type notes on different computers and still have them on all your devices.



This is a must have for college students who have to walk across campus to classes, especially in you’re in the Midwest where one day it can be really warm, another day really chilly, another day rainy, and sometimes all of that happens in one day haha. I use Accuweather to show the weather daily and hourly, and one of the cool features is that they have a “Minute Cast” which predicts when the rain will start in your area. Just remember that it is an estimate, so it isn’t 100% accurate.


Sometimes you just want a break from studying and just zone out while listening to music. Sure you can listen to Pandora, but I really like Songza because not only does it have playlists based on genres,decades, and artists, but you can choose based on activities and moods. For example, there are playlists for doing housework, having a romantic evening, if you are feeling sad, etc. So you will have plenty to choose from .

Sunrise Calendar

Since I  have an iPad and Android, I’ve been looking for a calendar app that lets me sync my appointments on both devices. The Android version comes with a widget on your home screen that displays the upcoming events for the week, however I don’t like that when you open the app you can only see 2 weeks at a time and you have to keep scrolling to see the rest of the month. I really like the interface for the iPad, because you get to see the entire month at a glance.

What are your favorite apps? Share them with me below


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