Tech Tuesday: Anker Keyboard Case

Anker keyboard with text

Recently I purchased an iPad mini because I needed a portable device that was bigger than my phone, but smaller than my heavy laptop. Last year at school, I noticed that sometimes I would have an hour or so between classes that I could use to knock out some homework, but the computers at the library would always be taken and I didn’t want to carry my laptop all over campus. Since then, I’ve been searching for the best tablet for me and ended up getting the iPad mini. I also purchased a wireless keyboard to type on, so I got one from Anker and I decided to do a review on it.



I purchased this keyboard case from Amazon for about $30 and the link to the Amazon listing is here and the link to their website is here

When I first opened the box I found the case, keyboard, charger for the keyboard, and instruction manual.


First let’s discuss what I didn’t like about the keyboard case:

-the keyboard is small, but that is not Anker’s fault, the iPad mini is small so it’s expected that the keyboard would be small as well

-the website says that you can tilt the iPad at any angle, but I’ve only been able to tilt it at one, and when I try to do others, it doesn’t feel as secure


What I did like was:

-the keyboard has long battery life, which is supposed to last two months. I’ve only had it for 3 weeks but I have not had to charge it yet so I think it will last much longer

-the keyboard is removable so when I just want to use my iPad by itself, I just take it off and fold the panel back

-the bluetooth is easy to connect, and when the keyboard goes into sleep mode and you wake it back up, it only takes 2 seconds to connect

-good customer service, a few days after I received the case, I got an email from them asking if everything was to my liking

-the case is really sturdy so it feels safe when I travel with it


Overall, I’m very happy that I decided to purchase this case. Also, this post was not sponsored, I just wanted to share an iPad accessory that I like.



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