Summer Series Blog Collab with Brea from All She Wrote!


Hey all! Brea and I are very excited to bring this summer series to you! Before I get into this post, I want to explain this summer series. Some of you may know that I am doing a summer internship, and that I tend to post a lot of tips on finding internships. So, I had the idea to combine the elements of my blog (personal branding, internship search, college life, etc) with All She Wrote because not only does she write about similar topics, but she’s a fellow Beyonce, and 90’s music lover lol! Check out her blog This blog collab will feature a Summer Bucket List, with me discussing an internship bucket list on Tuesdays, and Brea discussing a fun list of things to do this summer.
And we want to hear from you: use the hashtag #workandplay to tweet me @tiatamjam and Brea @breajallen about what you’re doing this summer!