5 Things To Do Before You Begin Your Summer Internship

You’ve secured a summer internship! Congrats! I actually start my summer internship this upcoming week, so I am very excited and wanting to share a few tips with you:

1.Plan your route and practice it

Will you be interning in a different city? Then you definitely want to plan the route that you will take to get to work and practice it. The last thing you want is to be late on your first day because you got lost or underestimated how long the commute would be. A great tool to use is Google Maps because it shows you driving, biking, walking, and public transportation directions. Even if you aren’t working in a different city this summer, still practice your route because Google Maps sometimes may not tell you if a road is closed, if there is construction, or something else that you may not be aware of that may make you late on the first day.

2.Choose an outfit

If you haven’t already contact someone at the company (preferably the internship coordinator or your supervisor) and ask them what the dress code is, then choose an outfit that meets their standards. The choices are either business professional, business casual, or casual. And a lot of people get confused with casual, even though the dress code is more relaxed than the other two, you still want to look presentable and avoid looks that are meant for the night club.

3.Pack your bag (or briefcase)

You want to pack a bag that has all of your internship essentials: mints, a notepad, pens, maybe your laptop if the company requires it.

4. Make a list

This will be a list of things that you would like to accomplish during your internship. Example: I want to learn how to use Adobe Creative Suite, or I want to conduct some informational interviews. It’s whatever you would like to accomplish during your time there. And continually check your progress to make sure you are keeping on track. At the end, do a reflection to see what you did get accomplished and what you didn’t and keep that in mind for your next job.


These are the last couple days before you begin working so take this time to relax. Watch Netflix, read a book, go to the spa, anything you need to relax before your begin your internship.


Good luck, and if you have any questions leave them below!