Internship Series: Step 1 Where to Look for Internships


Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry for the long blogging hiatus, however maintaining a blog while going to school and having a job is not easy to do. But I’m trying to work on blogging more often, because I do have a lot to share with you. One of the reasons why I’ve been so busy is because I’ve been applying to internships and scholarships, and that inspired me to do a series on the blog for you guys. This series will focus on the steps to go through during internship season. The steps are as follows:

1. Where to look for internships.

2. Filling out the application

3. Cover Letter & Resume

4. Preparing for the Interview & Following up

5. Accepting or declining the offer

Keep reading to find out where to look for internships.

Looking for internships can be daunting because it seems to be so many sources out there, and all that information can be overwhelming. I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite sites that I use for internship searching (in no particular order).

1. Intern Queen

Lauren Berger created this website that allows students to search her internship listings by semester, job field, location, or even if you want a virtual internship. She even wrote a book called “All Work, No Pay” which gives advice on how to apply for internships.

2. Intern Match

Besides listing just internships, you can even search for entry level jobs on Intern Match. They also have a resources section that included resume and cover letter samples, and a blog that gives internship advice.


A unique feature of this website is that it has an Internship Predictor which takes your personal preferences and tells you how they can assist in your search for an internship. Of course, they also have a search engine that allows to to search by your major, keyword, or location.

4. Google search

If you know what type of industry you want to intern in, you can do an internet search. For example, if you want to go into engineering search “engineering internships” or “engineering internships (in city you want to intern in)”. This might produce some programs that focus on providing college students with internships, or some listings that you might not find on the other websites.

5. The company’s website

If you know of a specific company that you want to intern for, go to their website and go to their career section and see if they offer internships. If you don’t see anything listed, don’t be deterred, try to find their contact information and email or call asking if they offer internship positions.

6. Her Campus

Her Campus has a lot of resources for college girls (or collegiettes as they call them) like health, beauty, fashion, and dating, but they also have a “careerette” page where they list job and internship listings, and give internship advice.

I hope these resources help you in your search for your internship. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or send me a message through the contact me section.



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