Super Easy Picture Frame DIY idea



Hey hey! I’m here to show you all this super easy DIY project that you can put in your dorm, around the house, or in your office. When I left for college a lot of people gave me picture frames for me to put photos of my friends and family in. The only problem is my family does not like taking pictures lol, so I was stuck with some blank picture frames.  I came up with the idea to put motivational quotes in the picture frames as a way to keep me inspired and motivated. Here’s how I did it:


IMG_0465 All you will need is a picture frame, either some decorative paper or plain white paper, and a marker (preferably a dry erase marker).

First measure the inside of the picture frame so you will know how big or small to cut your paper (mine was about 4×6″ ).

Second, place the paper inside the photo frame then put the back of the frame back in place. If you have a frame that doesn’t have a removable back, you can just glue the paper to the front.

Third, write you favorite motivational quote, or if you don’t have a favorite, there’s is always Google, on the front plastic part of the frame. If you glued the paper to the front then just write on the paper.

Wasn’t that easy? You can get creative as you want, you can put a drawing instead of a quote, or whatever you want.


The quote I chose was: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” by Milton Berle, because opportunities aren’t given to me so I make sure to create my own.

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Hope you enjoyed this!