College Diaries: how to manage your time wisely in college

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately, but I still am getting adjusting to the college life, which is what inspired me to do this blog post. There are so many things going on in college, that it’s easy to lose track of time and not get everything done. So, I’m going to share with you some tools and tips to manage your time.

Use a Calendar

I have a calendar that I hang by my desk to keep track of big events. I put exam dates, the due dates for major assignments, and big events on my calendar just to have an idea of what’s happening that month, This is useful when you are making appointments, and the calendar allows you to see when you are available.

Most of us have smartphones, which have calendars on them. Make sure to transfer all of those events into your phone calendar so that you will always have them on hand (we always have our smartphones with us).

Make a to-do list

I feel so productive when I have a to do list and I see items crossed off. I make to do lists almost everyday, so in order to not waste paper, I make the to do list on my phone. I use the app (don’t worry, this post is not sponsored) and I love it because it allows me to set reminders to do things, and it has a simple interface, and it alerts me if I have missed calls. I use this to remind me of the online assignments that I tend to forget about.

Use Your Free Time Wisely

My schedule is set up so that I usually have 3 classes a day with about 2 hour breaks between them. During this time I visit professors, take care of business, do homework, or knock off items on my to do list. There are those times when I just want to hang out with friends or watch YouTube, so I do allow some leisure time, but I do make sure to get everything done later in the day. So evaluate your schedule, determine when you have free time (it could be when you are on the train/bus, if you get someplace early and are waiting, or anytime)

How do you manage your time? Comment below


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