My Dorm Room Essentials

*photo from pb dorm*

Hi everyone and sorry for the hiatus. I am trying to adjust to college life, and this has been getting put off for so long. College has been an adjustment, it’s not like high school where you have all of your classes back to back, I have 2 hour breaks in between my classes. But I’ll talk more about college life in a different post.

Today I will share with you my dorm room essentials:


First up is my shower caddy. I don’t have the typical college dorm room because I live in a single suite. this means that I have my own room but my 3 other suitemates and I share a bathroom that is in our common area. It’s similar to an apartment but no kitchen, or living room. So even though I don’t have to go down the hall to take a shower, I still bring the shower caddy with me so that I don’t have to keep walking back and forth from the bathroom in case I forget anything. I fill it up with my hair products, lotions, and soap.


Next up is my laptop. If you don’t have a laptop for college, you can probably survive without it, but it’s so much easier to have a laptop. Yes, most college campuses have computer labs in buildings, but there will come those times when you don’t feel like leaving your room, or when you have a paper due the next day and all the computers in the computer lab are taken. With your own laptop, you don’t have to worry about that. And you don’t have to splurge and get a really expensive computer, I got this one for about $200-$300 from Sears (I think) and I got it refurbished from their website, which means that it was previously owned.


Of course since I brought my laptop, I had to bring my printer. Just like with the computer, you don’t have to buy this either because I’m sure your college has printing stations. But usually they make you pay, or there are so many people printing things that your document gets lost in the paper trail. So, to avoid that I just brought my own.


Here are my fridge and microwave. I told you guys that I have my own room, so I had to have my own fridge and microwave and these come in handy. Eventually the dining hall food gets boring, or you want a healthier alternative, or you just don’t want to leave your room. I can store all my snacks and food in the fridge and heat up any leftovers in the microwave.


Since I have food in my room, I need something to eat with right? I went to target and got most of these items on their clearance rack. I got the set of two plates for $1, a set of the spoon and fork combo for $1, and a set of two cups for $1. I use the Tupperware bowl for both storage and to use as a bowl. Last I got the Bobble Water filter/pitcher which I love because I do not like the taste of the water here, and I can use it to make drinks (I had iced tea in there when I took the picture). And they are made by the company that makes the water bottles with the filter in it.


Last but not least, I have my walking/workout shoes. I don’t have a car so I have to walk everywhere and these shoes have made my feet feel ten times better.

Comment below and tell me what your dorm room essentials are.