Not doing anything this summer? Take this time to build your brand.

Didn’t get the job or internship you wanted this summer? Don’t worry, you can take this time to build your brand. Here are three (quick and easy) ways you can start building your personal brand:

1. Make a list of your interests and things you like to talk to your friends about. 

Take ten minutes out of your day and write down three things you are passionate about (e.g. healthcare, law, food, etc.). Then write down what you like to talk to your friends about, or what people ask you about the most. Do you see an overlap? If not, try to find a way to tie the two together. For example, if you are passionate about cars but you and your friends like to watch reality shows tie them together by talking about television shoes that feature cars.

2. Start tweeting/posting about those topics

Now that you have your topic that you want to talk about, actually start talking about it! Talk about it on your social media channels AND in person, this will make people regard you as an expert in that subject area and you will be the person they look to when they need information on that subject.

3. Be consistent!

If you only talk about your passions sparingly, you will not build your credibility. You need to be consistent when you share content, so people grow to expect it. Create a content schedule (not sure what that is? write a comment below and I will share what it is and how to make one) to help keep your content consistent.

I hope this shows you how easy it is to start building your brand, but if you have any questions do not hesitate to send me any questions by filling out this form or leaving a comment below:


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